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"Vexed by the Viscount" 
Time was ticking.
Miss Anne Devereaux, forgotten plump spinster, had a plan for her future: borrow an identity, a dress, and catch the next locomotive to Edinburgh.  Tonight, everyone was distracted preparing for the New Year’s Costume Ball at Cavendale Manor. Well, almost everyone — that vain, presumptuous, but devilishly handsome Viscount Caldwell trapped her, accusing her of theft. The audacity! She’d make him regret detaining her. She couldn’t miss the last train. No one could derail her plans for starting a new life as a school mistress… except Anne.
Time was ticking.
Viscount Caldwell had been informed by his father, the Earl of Cavendale, that he was officially out of oats to sow and at tonight’s costume ball he must declare his intentions toward one suitable lady. A lady of good breeding, refined manors, elegant silhouette, and docile temperament — father may as well have decree he marry a beige wall. Caldwell would not become enamored with any milquetoast maid. Seeking out the advice of his neighbor and confidante, the Hon. Mister Devereaux, Caldwell stumbled upon a solitary scullery maid but not one he was familiar with — or was he? This harpy was obviously lying to him, and nothing could stop him from getting to the bottom of things… until she kissed him.
Tick, tock, swoon!
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